Regular tune-ups will ensure your car or truck engine keeps running smoothly for years to come

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    Project Description

    In order for your vehicle to function at its peak performance, regular tune-ups are required. Over time, your injectors will clog up, you will notice the engine running rougher and rougher, your check engine light might come up or you might experience other symptoms that will make you think something is just not right. All these clues taken separately or together are all pointing out to the fact that you need to bring you car or truck to Carls’ Car Care to have it checked before a catastrophic break down lets you stranded on the side of the road in our lovely Arizona heat.

    Possible indications you need a tune-up:

    • Hard starting or running rough.

    • Check engine/warning light is on.

    • Lower than normal gas mileage.

    • Acceleration is slow.

    • Pinging noise from egine on acceration.

    We will Fix it right!

    Carl’s Car Care technicians will start by looking at the usual suspects by inspecting your fuel and air filters, spark plugs and injectors. If this does not reveal any problem, more in-depth troubleshooting of your engine will be required. Rest assured no parts will be changed prior to us contacting you and discussing the issue.

    At Carl’s Car Care, we do not believe in running up the bill and changing parts that do not require to be changed!

    Once the problem is solved, we recommend you follow the vehicle manufacturer required maintenance schedule to ensure your car or truck keeps running in optimal conditions.


    Inspect/replace your air filter

    Replace your fuel filter

    Replace your spark plugs

    Keep your fuel injectors clean

    Ask Carl’s Car Care for tune-up help





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