Transmission Service & Repair

Carl's Car Care is your trusted place for any make and model transmission servicing and repairs. Our top of the line diagnostic equipment will ensure only the necessary repairs are performed at the best possible price.

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    Project Description

    Do you know a properly maintained and serviced transmission will outlast any other and extend the drivability of your car or truck? Automatic transmissions are complex mechanical systems submitted to tremendous mechanical and thermal stress. Regularly flushing your fluids is recommended by your manufacturer and is necessary to prevent catastrophic failures. Carl’s Care Care has the expertise and the knowledge to check and recommend service on any particular make and model transmission.

    Possible transmission related issues:

    • Gear shift resulting in noises such as clunking.

    • Driving roughness such as jumping or slipping.

    • Car shakes when driving.

    • Unable to shift in a particular position.

    • Difficulties moving the shifter.

    If you experience any transmission issues, call us immediatly!

    Manual transmission issues will become evident when you hear a squealing noise when pushing on the clutch or when you feel changing speed with the shifter becomes harder or impossible on specific gear. Automatic transmissions symptoms will produce various noises when shifting into gear and driving. Your car or truck might also experience rough gear shifting or delay shifting once you action the shifter out of park.

    At Carl’s Car Care we service all makes and model transmissions for cars and trucks using the best quality parts so that you can be assured your family will be driving around in a safe vehicle.

    Each time you visit Carl’s Car Care, your vehicle will receive a complementary safety check!

    Call us today or use our online appointment form to schedule your visit right away with the expert technicians at Carl’s Car Care.


    Inspect for any fluid on ground

    Check dipstick for dirty, smelly fluid

    Monitor feel while driving/shifting

    Listen for noises from transmission

    Listen for clutch squealing (manual)





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