Not all tires are equal and consequently not all tires have the same life expectancy. When choosing a tire, you can rely on the professionals at Carl's Car Care to give you the best advice based on your driving needs

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    Project Description

    Some places would like you to believe that choosing a set of tires is simply based on price. We believe a lot more goes into it, starting by knowing you personally and the usage you will make of these tires.

    Tires are the #1 safety parts of your car. They contact the road controlling the handling, braking, ride and safety. For the best performance, your tires need the correct air pressure and tread depth, be in balance and have all four wheels aligned properly.

    Possible tire related issues:

    • Under inflated tire.

    • Over inflated tire.

    • Bulge on tire.

    • Scalloped tire.

    • Flat spots.

    Always check your tires before going on any road trip.

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    Maintain proper tire inflation

    Rotate and balance tires regularly

    Perform yearly wheel alignment

    Inspect tread depth regularly

    Have tires inspected before road trips





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