Check Engine Light

A check engine light going off is reason for concern. You should not ignore or delay taking action. Please call Carl's Car Care as soon as possible to have this checked out immediately

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    A check engine light going off has a lot in common with a toothache. It is not going to go away by itself and is guaranteed to get worst over time. So as soon as your check engine light comes on, you need to call a reliable and honest place such as Carl’s Car Care to run a complete diagnostic on your vehicle before the problem escalates into a more costly repair.

    Possible reasons for the check engine light coming on:

    • Fuel system issues.

    • Faulty catalytic convertor.

    • Evaporative emissions systems.

    • Bad oxygen sensor.

    • Ignition system.

    Bring your vehicle to Carl’s Car Care right away!

    There are a lot of things you can put off and procrastinate about when it comes to vehicle maintenance, a check engine light is not one of them. A lot of “weekend mechanics” or friend in the office will tell you, erroneously, that finding the problem is as easy as reading the computer code. However, a serious mechanic, such as the ones at Carl’s Car Care, will tell you it isn’t so. Often the code retrieved is triggered by a side effect of the real problem. At Carl’s Car Care we have the equipment and the trained professionals to interpret, troubleshoot and fix whatever is the case of the check engine light.

    Don’t risk your vehicle’s future on the advices of your coworker or family amateur mechanic!

    Call us today or use our online appointment form to schedule your visit right away with the expert technicians at Carl’s Car Care.


    Make sure to tighten you gas cap

    Maintain factory reccomended services

    Have a professinal diagnosis for any warning light

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