Your breaks might very well be the most important safety device on your vehicle. Come to Carl's Car Care to have them serviced by trusted experts

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    Project Description

    Every time you bring your car or truck in for service, our trained technicians perform a free break inspection. Normal usage of your vehicle will require periodic maintenance on the various components of your brake system such as the calipers, rotors, brake fluid and of course the break pads. At Carl’s Car Care we only use the highest quality parts for your safety.

    Possible brake related issues:

    • Grinding when applying the brakes.

    • Steering wheel or pedal pulsates when braking.

    • Car pulls to one side when brakes are applied.

    • Break pedal feels hard.

    • Brake light on.

    If you suspect your brakes have issues, call us immediately!

    When it comes to your brakes, no suspicious noises or behavior should be considered benign. In particular, if you ever feel your brake pedal being soft or squishy, you might have a very dangerous situation and should not be driving any further. This is often the sign you are about to lose break functionality all together due to some type of break fluid leak and this can occur when your master cylinder fails.

    At Carl’s Car Care we service all makes and model cars and trucks using the best quality parts so that you can be assured your family will be driving around in a safe vehicle.

    Each time you visit Carl’s Car Care, your vehicle will receive a complementary break check!

    Call us today or use our online appointment form to schedule your visit right away with the expert technicians at Carl’s Car Care.


    Inspect brake fluid reservoir

    Have brake pads checked regularly

    Don’t ride the beake pedal

    Change brake fluid per OEM guidelines

    Brake at a safe distance





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