We recommand you regularly get you alignment checked by the experts at Carl's Car Care and have your alignment corrected at least once a year. This will save you money on tires and ensure a smoother ride.

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    Project Description

    Vehicles slowly go out of alignment as a result of normal driving wear and tear. Occasionally, the condition is amplified by road hazards such as driving through potholes or running over curbs. You will most often notice that when driving straight your steering wheel will be positioned off-centered. You might also experience shaking in the steering wheel, or your gas mileage decreasing. All these signs are pointing out to an alignment issue.

    Possible alignment related issues:

    • Car pulling to one side.

    • Gas mileage keeps decreasing.

    • Tires wearing off abnormally fast.

    • Steering wheel vibrations.

    • Steering wheel off-centered.

    Carl’s Car Care is THE place for putting your car back in alignment!

    Carl’s Care Care has the most advanced equipment for alignment you will find anywhere. We have invested in the Hunter HawkEye Elite Wheel Alignment System, the reference in wheel alignment business. Using four precision camera, this all integrated system will get your car into alignment in no time. This system also features a no metal on metal contact so that your rims will not be damaged in the process.

    No matter if you are driving a car or a truck, we are the place you need to bring your vehicle to if you want the highest level of precision and quality alignment.

    Each Alignment comes with a free safety inspection of your vehicle!

    Call us today or use our online appointment form to schedule your visit right away with the expert technicians at Carl’s Car Care.


    Monitor your gas mileage

    Inspect your tires regularly

    Look out for steering wheel vibrations

    Ensure steering wheel is centered

    Check if car is pulling to one side





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