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    Project Description

    A/C regular inspection and maintenance is primordial to avoid a complete system breakdown that will cost you more than a simple inconvenience. Low refrigerant will lead to compressor failure when there is not enough of it left to lubricate the internal moving parts.

    Possible reasons for low A/C performance:

    • Air in the system.

    • Refrigerant level too low.

    • Faulty compressor.

    • Leaky hoses.

    • “Do-it-yourself” damage to system.

    Regular maintenance/inspection is key to a well maintained A/C!

    Over time your A/C system performance will decrease and it is normal. It just needs to be recharged. However sometimes the issue might be mechanical such as with leaks and theses issues will need to be addressed first.

    At Carl’s Car Care we have seen too many vehicle damaged by “do-it-yourself” kits. Not only refrigerant is dangerous to you but also to the environment. Without proper equipment to precisely measure the required quantity of refrigerant and create a high vacuum, you will either undercharge or overcharge  your compressor, both cases leading to its premature failure, and most certainly overfill it with oil.

    Don’t attempt to fix it yourself, bring your vehicle to Carl’s Car Care!

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    Check for loose hoses

    Listen for rattling noises

    Monitor temperature fluctuations

    Detect any foul oder

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